Sunday, July 5, 2009

Word of the Week

  YUPBs know that an integral part of networking is to not sound like a moron when you speak. Dropping "like", "y'know" and "OMG!" in a conversation with the CEO is not going to make a favourable impression (unless, of course, your CEO is the original valley girl, Moon Unit Zappa). Therefore, it never hurts to slip an interesting word into a conversation every now and then. It could go one of two ways: you may be remembered as the smarty pants who caught people's attention with her interesting word choice OR you could be remembered as the pompous woman who tried to talk over everyone's head by tossing out some obscure word nobody has ever heard of.
The point is, you'll be remembered. 
Here is the first word in the YUPB vocabulary builder, try it out and see what happens:

Hypergelast (hy-PUHR-ji-last). n.
A person who laughs excessively.  
From the Greek hyper (over) + gelastes (laugher), from gelan (to laugh). 
For example: "The bar was packed with laughing people, it quickly became a scene thick with drama queens and hypergelasts."    


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